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I have put some information here for anyone who finds this page! I have listed my names in my priority order with area of interest. All are in England unless otherwise stated. I hope to upload a lot more information when I can find a free web-based database.

TALMAGE I have a vast amount of information on the Talmage name, including Birth, Marriage & Death information from 1837 to 2001 for ALL UK Talmages. My Talmages are mainly from Essex from about 1750, but my information covers ALL Talmages. I also have the indexes of Talmage wills (National Probate) from 1858 to 2001.
At the moment I am trying to link Talmages (Tarmage/Talmash etc.) from Great/Little Clacton back to Suffolk (around Ipswich).
WILLSON My earlier Willsons come from St. Pancras area of London in the 1820s. Before that time they possibly came from Faversham in Kent? They use to be in the Furniture & Upholstery business
GRATER My grandmother came from a large family in Devon. I know of at least three other family members working on this line. I have done a lot more work on the Grater line. I now have Birth, Marriage & Death information from 1837 to 2001 for ALL UK Graters. I also have the index information for national probate wills from 1858 to 1943.
BALL The family of my other grandmother came from Edgbaston/Birmingham area. I am told that I am related to Captain Ball, the famous first world war pilot. However, I can't prove any connection and I don't think it's true!
ELLISON The Ellison's came from London & Essex. I have had difficulty in finding birth certificates for the 1840's
TARRY The Tarry side of the family came from Great Creaton and later (1840's) from Weedon Beck in Northamptonshire. Unfortunately no census was returned for Weedon Beck in 1841.
CARTER The Carters came from Devon. I haven't pursued this line, because there is some doubt that she was in fact my great grandmother, although she was married to my great grandfather!
HART The Harts were a Jewish family who came from London. Their business was fruit.

Names below are more "distant" and my knowledge and interest is limited
GOULD Susan Gould was born in London about 1818.
PARISH Sarah Parish was born in Loughton about 1827. Ancestors were possibly PARRISH
WILLIAMS Mary Williams was born in Devon about 1809
CHAFFIN This may well be the name of my true Great grandmother (as on Birth Certificate)
REYNOLDSLucretia Reynolds was born about 1828.
LEVY Unable to find any information on Abraham Levy.
GREEN Elizabeth Green was born in about 1832 in Birmingham
WATSON A prominent Weedon Beck family with connections to the painter, John Sell Cotman.

Although the following names are far from prominent on my family tree and there is no blood-link, I have taken a special interest in these names and I have quite a lot of information.

COLLINS Mainly from Prittlewell in Southend.
COTMAN Details linking my tree to the famous painter.
FREE The Frees of Essex (Loughton area)
GUSSIN The Gussins of Loughton, Essex
WILLINGALE I have a lot of linking information, but see the Willingale site on www.willingale.org This has a lot of information on everything Willingale.
WINNER/WENNER My cousins from Norfolk. The name was changed from Winner to Wenner in about 1900. The reason for the name change is rumoured to be a family argument!
YATES The Yates from Syresham and Brackley area.

There are, of course, many other names on the family tree, many of them of little interest to me. However, here are some of them that ARE of interest - particularly those in South Africa.

In England HANNABUSS (London/Tiverton Devon), NEWMAN (Essex), HENTY (Essex), WHITNEY (died in China ?), BEALL (from Kent in 1800's)

@ Please me if you have any comments or if you
can provide, or need, any information on the above names. @

Last update: 2 May 2004